Results of the Jail Staff’s Paranormal Investigation (Part 2)

Posted: August 26, 2010 in Ghostly Encounters, What's New

The analysis of the evidence gathered from the Jail Staff’s investigation proved to be quite interesting. A couple of videos taken that evening support the staff’s personnal experiences. Please note that the filming was not professional and that the lighting isn’t always perfect, but the results are still entertaining.

The first video was taken up in the Warden’s Room upstairs, where we had been communicating with a young boy using a Ouija board. We had decided to try a few new tricks and we got very lucky using a necklace as a pendulum.

The rest of the videos were taken in the Warden’s Room as well, a few hours later. When we returned, we tried a few new tools, including a dowsing rod and a golf ball. The golf ball was a great hit.

The videos can be seen on our Facebook group at the following link : 

So far, we have yet to find any recordings of EVPs. However, we shall continue searching for more and they will be uploaded as soon as possible. If you have any questions or wish to hear more stories, feel free to contact us.


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