Scared to death!

Posted: August 16, 2010 in Life in Jail

Here is the story of Mike Van Allen:

About forty to fifty years ago, the Morrisburg citizen was arrested and brought to the jail. While the guard was putting him in his cell, he told the guard that he would die if the guard locked the door. Mr. Van Allen had a serious case of claustrophobia, an abnormal fear of small spaces. Even with his pleading, the guard still locked him up. The next morning, the guard found him dead in his cell…

  1. David Van Allen says:

    I would like to know if you have any other information on Mike Van Allen? I am doing genealogy searching on my past relatives, the Van Allens. My father, when he was alive, often spoke of this Mike Van Allen. He is somehow related to me. Please email me any information available on his lineage. Thanks so very much. regards…….David Van Allen.

    • cornwalljail says:

      Unfortunately that’s all the information we have on Mike Van Allen, however you can get in touch with La Regionale – a local geneology centre. They should be able to assit you with your search. They can be reached by phone at 613 932 1320 or by e-mail at Good luck!

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