Roger Caron – Go Boy!

Posted: July 16, 2010 in Life in Jail

A documentary on the life of Roger Caron, the author of the best-seller book Go Boy, was being filmed at the Cornwall Jail.  Roger Caron grew up in Cornwall and he still lives there. He was held at the Cornwall Gaol in 1954 before being sent to the Ontario Reformatory in Guelph.  He was convicted of several Break and Entries, Robberies and Escapes.

Roger Caron
  1. hi my name is bradley and i really loved the book go boy the first time i ever read it i was 16 and hitch hiking across the country sleeping outside having had my own runins with the law and and being arrested and incarserated at times i really i guess i really connected with the roger caron as a youth as well its a really good book to read i mean well written one of my favorite parts is the bank robbery and escape in saint john new brunswick that is my home town and i could just imagine how he said he got lost in the maze of streets in the neighborhoods anyways i have read go boy more then ten times since i was 16 and i am 25 now i would love to read some of his other books but could never find them if anybody knows please let mr know i would be very greatfull thank you peace

    • cornwalljail says:

      Try checking out the chapters website or amazon. Roger’s books are hard to find as they are a little older but you might be able to stumble onto some good deals. Roger’s other book is called Bingo and it discusses his experience with the riot at Kingston Pen. Hope this helped

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