Paranormal Investigation

Posted: April 20, 2010 in Ghostly Encounters

The Greater Toronto Area Paranormal Society came to investigate the jail and heard a lot of interesting voices during their EVP sessions.

One of the voices picked up on a recorder came from the women’s cell block. It sounded like a woman whispering “Help me God”. 

A female voice was also caught several times in the hallway yelling “Help me”. After the last “Help me”, a male voice was heard saying “Get”.

Another male voice saying “kill” was captured on the recorder.

In the hallway where the stairs lead up to the courtroom, the investigators were working with a K2 meter which started to act up. They asked the spirits “is that all you are able to do”? After reviewing their evidence they heard a female voice on their mini DV saying “yah”.

When the investigators opened the door to go up to the courtroom upstairs they caught a very clear male voice saying “don’t go”.

Many more voices and sounds were caught that night. The team was very pleased with their investigation and they will be returning soon.


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